In an effort to UNITE the running community of Emporia, we are happy to share with you several weekly opportunities to get together and do what we all love to do--RUN (or walk)!  These group runs will be free for anyone in the community to participate in, and you are welcome to join regardless of ability or experience level.  Currently, our group leaders practice the policy of "no man left behind", and thus each group will run at the pace of the slowest runner.  As participation grows, we would LOVE to offer multiple 'pace groups' as well as put multiple leaders into a rotation, so if you are interested in being a group leader, please "Contact Us" through this page to volunteer!  Also, be sure to join our RunEmporia Facebook group to stay up-to-date and get involved!


Gravel City Adventure/Pub Run


Where:  Meet in the NE corner of the parking lot behind Gravel City Adventure & Supply and Mulready's Pub

What:  This group runs a 4-mile route that starts and ends in downtown Emporia.  When the cyclists start up again, this will coincide (time and location) with their "Thursday Night Rides".  At the completion of the run, stop by Mulready's to mingle, mention you did the group run, and enjoy $1.00 off your first pint!  You earned it! 

Group Leader(s):  Jacob Kucza,





**Please Note: Group Leaders reserve the right to cancel the group activity for any reason (weather, illness, vacation, etc.).  If this were to happen, it will be posted in the RunEmporia group on Facebook.